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East Forest is a man of many talents.

Composer, explorer, facilitator, innovator, digital shaman — the list goes on.

Many of us know him through the music he produces, the experiences he’s crafted, or for the meditations and retreats that he hosts. He recently burst back into the spotlight with his latest album release ‘Ram Dass’ — a collaboration project he did with the renowned spiritual teacher himself.

It was one of the last public projects that Ram Dass undertook before his passing.

We sat down with East Forest to go into the woods on everything with him: his creative process, his views on spirituality and metaphysics, the value of inner work and exploration, and a whole lot more.

East Forest has the makings of a wise elder — reserved and focused in his speech, but able to convey a level of wisdom and reverence that is truly stunning.

We hope you enjoy this conversation with East Forest, as well as a few samples of songs that appear on the Ram Dass album.


  • What East Forest thinks of music and meaning
  • The production of music as the birthing of the new
  • Navigating uncertainty as a creator
  • The metaphysics of meaning and human life
  • Collaborating with Ram Dass
  • Spontaneous emergence through courageous leaps
  • Digital shamanism and the future of psychedelic experiences
  • Slow down and tuning in with yourself, for yourself
  • MUCH MORE...
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Watch the video of this interview here.

Patrick McKeown is the author of the acclaimed The Oxygen Advantage.

I was first recommended this book by my friend and mentor Justin Noppé to help with my breathing during Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

The book blew my mind. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about topics like health, fitness, anxiety, and stress...

But there was so much highly useful information in this book, I knew I had to started putting the ideas into practice immediately.

Then COVID-19 hit.

The more research I did on this disease, the more I wanted to talk to Patrick about it.

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease, so the world's leading authority on the Buteyko breathing method should surely have some useful input.

I reached out to Patrick and he agreed to speak.

It was an incredibly illuminating 90-minute discussion, and a few days later I attended his masterclass—did not disappoint.

Whether you're new to Patrick's work or already familiar, there will be a ton of value for you in this episode.


  • How to breathe to avoid spreading and catching COVID-19
  • How to breathe if you are suffering from anxiety
  • The insane benefits of nasal breathing
  • How to combine breath work and meditation
  • The Wim Hof Method and its drawbacks
  • How to measure the health of your lungs
  • Simple ways to dramatically improve your athletic performance
  • Simple techniques to improve your sleep overnight
  • MUCH MORE...


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